Change to self-certification

From now until 26 January 2022 you can self-certify sickness from work for 28 days. During this period you only need a sicknote from your GP if your work absence is over 28 days. This applies to new sickline requests only.

The Scottish Government has recently introduced changes to the self-certification scheme, if you’re off work due to a new illness or a health condition. This is to support healthcare providers during this time of pressure.

From 17 December to 26 January patients can ‘self-certify’ for up to 28 days instead of 7 days as currently.

This will allow people to access Statutory Sick Pay for this period and there will be no requirement for a sicknote to access other benefits.

If your employer requires a fit note to allow you to access any additional sick pay offered by your company please call us to request a sick note as normal – however companies have been urged by the Government to be flexible around their requirement for medical evidence during this time period.