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Managing your long-term condition

We want to help you manage your long-term condition as well as possible. We offer all patients with a long-term condition the opportunity to book some form of annual review with our specialist nurses, or if necessary a GP.

We ask all patients with a long-term condition to set themselves a reminder and arrange their annual review themselves each year within their birth month.

If at any point before your annual review you have new symptoms (or symptoms that are getting worse) which you think may be related to your long-term condition please call us to book an appointment sooner, or call 111, 999 or visit A&E as appropriate.

Please click on the relevant links below, to find out what type of review you need to arrange for each long-term condition. If you have more than one long-term condition just tell our Reception team what conditions you have, and they’ll be able to book the right appointment for you with the right healthcare professional.