Community nursing team (CTAC)


The health board’s CTAC service is now responsible for providing all the services below, rather than the Practice.

We unfortunately can’t put you through to the CTAC team if you call the Practice, patients should call 0300 790 6292 to book appointments.

NB: if you’d like to express concerns about any hospital or local health board run services, including CWIC, CWIC Mental Health, the MSK Line or CTAC community nursing, please direct these to the NHS Lothian Patient Experience team rather than to Riverside. Thank you.

The health board’s community treatment & care team (CTAC) based next door to Riverside Medical Practice in the Musselburgh Primary Care Centre, can provide a range of care to you and your family.

If they think we need to know about any care or treatment they give you, they let us know.

You can call them direct on 0300 790 6292 for the following services, you don’t need to wait to speak to us. This will save you time and means you’ll get the care you need, more quickly.

Appointments available: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Phone line open: Monday-Friday 8.30am-12pm & 1.30-4.30pm.

  • Wound care – all wounds, including post operative wounds, chronic wounds and leg ulcer management. The exception to this is minor injuries: please contact the Minor Injuries Unit for these
  • Taking out sutures and staples
  • Some secondary care phlebotomy (blood tests you’ve been told to get by a health professional in a hospital)
  • Pre-chemo blood tests
  • Doppler assessment
  • Vitamin B12 injections
  • Certain types of vaccinations