Prescriptions – order online


Repeat prescription request: up to 5 working days
Acute medication request: 10 working days
It may then take additional time for your pharmacy to process the prescription.
Please check with them before going to collect it, if you’re unsure.

Please make sure you allow enough time to order your medication
You can’t order medication you’ve never had before online: please call us

If you need medication regularly, you can get a repeat prescription after discussing it with a GP. You can then order this medication without an appointment by:

  • ordering online below (preferred)
  • calling us
  • asking your pharmacist

If you tell us which local pharmacy you use we’ll send your prescription to them, and you can collect it there as soon as it’s ready.

Please check your prescription for any notes sent by the GP. If they’ve requested that you book a medication review with us please call us to book an appointment as soon as possible – don’t wait until your medication is about to run out.

If you requested a mixture of repeat and acute medications, we’ll process the repeat ones and send them to the pharmacy first, so you have access to these medications as quickly as possible. Once your prescription for acute medications is done, this will be sent on afterwards (currently 10 working days from date of ordering).

Hospital requests

When you’re discharged from hospital, you should normally receive five days supply of medication.

If the hospital asks you to hand in any letters or requests to us, please use upload them at the link below:

Hospital requests for change of medication will be checked by the GP first, and if needed your doctor will give you a prescription.