Prescriptions – order online


Repeat prescription requests: up to 5 working days
Acute medications / special request medications: up to 10 working days
It may take additional time for your pharmacy to process the prescription.
Please make sure you allow enough time to order your medication

You can’t order medication you’ve never had before via our online form
Please call us to book an appointment to discuss this.

Please check your prescription slip when you collect your medication
It may have an important note from the doctor on it – for example to let you know you need to book a
review, before your medication can be issued again. Please don’t wait until your medication is due to run out.

Repeat prescriptions

If you need medication regularly, you can get a repeat prescription after discussing it with a GP. You can then re-order this medication by:

  • ordering online below
  • visiting your pharmacist

Acute medications

You can also order ‘acute medications‘ or ‘special request medications‘ via the online form or at your local pharmacy. These are medicines that you might have used before, but which haven’t been added to your repeat prescription. Generally, this is because their use needs to be closely monitored by a doctor. Examples include many anti-depressants, medicines that can be addictive, or medicines that are subject to legal or clinical restrictions.

General information about prescriptions

  • If you tell us which local pharmacy you use we’ll send your prescriptions there, for you to collect.
  • Please check your prescription for any notes sent by the GP. If the doctor has asked you to book a medication review, please call us to book an appointment as soon as possible – don’t wait until your medication is about to run out.
  • If you asked for a mixture of repeat and acute medications, we’ll process the ‘repeat’ ones and send them to the pharmacy first, so you get them as quickly as possible. Prescription for ‘acute medications’ will be sent on afterwards. Please check the timelines above before calling to query where your medication is.

Hospital requests

When you’re discharged from hospital, you should normally receive five days supply of medication.

If the hospital asks you to hand in any letters or medication requests to us, please use upload them at the link below:

Hospital requests for change of medication will be checked by the GP first, and if needed your doctor will give you a prescription.