We offer large numbers of telephone and face-to-face appointments each week. We continue to run an on-the-day service for GP appointments and the health board’s CWIC service. Our triage team may be able to assess you if our appointments are fully booked for the day, and you have a concern you don’t feel can wait. Please stay on hold if this is the case for you.

  • Call us on 0300 790 6266 to book an appointment.

  • Call from 8am Monday-Friday for GP or CWIC team appointments, and medication reviews. We’re currently running an on-the-day service for these appointments.

  • Call after 10am Monday-Friday for nurse or blood tests appointments. These can be booked 8-10 weeks in advance over the phone or at the front desk. Mid-late afternoon is the best time to call.

  • As was the case before the pandemic, we aren’t able to book GP or CWIC team appointments at the front desk. Please help our team by not requesting this.

  • Please remember that GPs aren’t an emergency service. If you have a very urgent concern and think you may need to go to A&E or a Minor Injury Unit please call 111 for assessment, or 999 for life-threatening conditions.

What happens when you call

General Practice is changing: there are now a range of health professionals who can provide care to you. Our receptionists will ask you the reason for your call, so they can make sure you get the right care, from the right health professional. This might be at the Practice or at another health board service.

Our clinical triage team and experienced team supervisors support them in this. All information you give is treated in the strictest confidence.

Appointments at Riverside
If your appointment is at Riverside, our Reception team will talk to you about whether a face-to-face or telephone appointment would be the best option for you.

Phone appointments will either be a morning or afternoon slot, to allow us to see the most urgent patients first. If you need us to call at a certain time please let us know: it may not always be possible but we do our best to accommodate this. 

If you have a telephone appointment, the doctor or nurse will try to call you at least twice and (if possible) leave a voicemail if they can’t reach you. If they can’t reach you after a few attempts, you’ll need to call us to re-book your appointment. The number may appear on your phone as a Glasgow 0300 or 0800 number – please make sure your phone isn’t set up to bar these numbers.

Appointments with the CWIC team
Your appointment may be with the health board’s CWIC service, who are based next door to Riverside and offer same-day appointments for new symptoms (and new flare-ups of existing conditions) with nurse practitioners, advanced nurse practitioners and physician’s associates. CWIC offer appointments to patients at GP Practices across East Lothian, not just at Riverside.

If your appointment is with the CWIC service, they’ll offer you a phone appointment first, with a face-to-face appointment after if needed. 

Once you’ve been made an appointment with the CWIC team about a particular health issue, they are responsible for all aspects of your care relating that issue. If you have any positive feedback or concerns about care you receive from the CWIC team, please feed this back to NHS Lothian rather than to the Practice.

Triage assessment

If you have a health concern that you feel needs attention that day but our appointments are fully booked, please stay on the line and specify to the call handler that you think it’s urgent.

Our triage nurse practitioners will advise our Reception team whether you need a same-day assessment. If you do, one of our triage nurse practitioners will call you back, assess you and (if needed) arrange for an appointment with the duty doctor or another GP.

Nurse and blood test appointments

Please call after 10am to book a nurse or phlebotomist (blood test) appointment. Appointments with our nurses and phlebotomists can be made up to around 8-10 weeks in advance. This includes blood tests, blood pressure checks, smear tests and chronic disease reviews where symptoms aren’t well controlled.

If you know you need a repeat test, please ask the nurse, phlebotomist or one of our Reception team to book this in for you, during your appointment. This includes pre-chemo bloods.

CTAC community nursing appointments

The local health board runs the CTAC community nursing service, based next door to Riverside in the Musselburgh Primary Care Centre. They offer a range of health services including B12 injections, all wound care (aside from minor injuries) and suture removal. Nurses at Riverside no longer offer these services. Please contact CTAC direct to book an appointment.

Home visit requests

Home visits are available for people who are registered as housebound with us, or for those who physically can’t attend the surgery for any reason. A doctor will assess whether your symptoms require a home visit, and if so whether you need to be visited by a GP or by our specialist paramedic.

Home visits are for medical reasons, not for convenience. In the time it takes to make one house visit, the doctor can see many more patients at the surgery. Please request a home visit only if it’s absolutely essential and first consider whether someone could help you attend the surgery or if local services such as HcL Dial-a-Ride can help. Requests for home visits should be made early in the day, ideally before 10.30am.

Cancelling appointments

Please tell us as soon as possible if you can’t attend your appointment. This means we can offer the appointment to someone else. Please call us on 0300 790 6266 or email [email protected] to cancel.

Late arrivals

Please attend your appointment on time. If you’re late we might not be able to see you that day.


If you need an interpreter to come to the surgery or be on the telephone to support you when you see the doctor or nurse, please tell the receptionist at the time you book your appointment.