Medical records and other paperwork

With the few exceptions listed below, all paperwork requests are private work, and as such incur a fee.

We receive a large number of requests every week for doctors to fill in forms or provide supporting letters. These all take doctors’ time and we need to balance these requests with the need for our doctors to see patients. Our medical secretaries co-ordinate other administrative requests, including requests for copies of medical records.

There’s currently a long wait for many types of paperwork, as GP Practices across Scotland were asked by the Scottish Government to prioritise urgent care, at the start of the pandemic.

If the absence of any paperwork is severely impacting your life (for example holding up a housing, job or driving licence application) or impacting disability or other benefits, then please make this clear to us at the time you make the request, so we can prioritise it as much as possible.

To request a GP letter or medical summary please email us and attach a letter to your email which includes your name, address, date of birth and signature. This is to make sure your medical information isn’t sent out to anyone other than yourself.

If you don’t have access to email, please bring a hard copy letter covering the above to the Practice.

Medical records and medical summaries

Your medical history is something that belongs to you, and if you need information about it we want to help with this as quickly as possible.

A medical summary is a short document that lists any major health problems you have, details of your last six consultations with us, repeat medications, acute medications issued in the last three months, allergies and any basic details such as height, weight and smoking history.

We can print and post medical summaries to you quickly and easily, free of charge – please ask a member of our Reception team. We recommend checking if this is sufficient for your needs, before requesting a full set of medical records or doctor’s letter.

Your full medical records are a much more substantial document that contains all your test results, hospital correspondence, consultations with us – every piece of documentation we have on file for you. It can be the size of a phonebook or bigger!

Providing these to you will take longer, due to every item needing to be printed out (if we have an electronic copy) or photocopied by hand (if the documentation is pre-online) by one of our team. We can provide one set of medical records to patients free of charge, further copies will incur a fee of £50. If your medical records are requested by a third party, the cost is typically paid by them.

Immunisation records

Please email Reception to request these, they will be printed out for you and left at the Reception desk. Please allow at least a week after emailing your request before coming in to collect.

Fees and collection

With the few exceptions listed above, all paperwork requests are private work, and as such incur a fee. Please check at the time you make the request:

  • if there’s a fee and who it’s payable by. If you need to pay the fee, you can do so by cash or cheque at Reception Monday-Friday 11-11.30am or 5-5.30pm. If a third party needs to pay the fee, we send an invoice to them along with your paperwork.
  • if your paperwork needs to be collected by you at Reception or if we’ll be sending it off direct to a third party.