Test results

If you’ve had blood tests, X-rays or other tests organised here at the Practice, always call us to check your results. Most tests take about a week to come back with a result and for the doctor to review them, although a few take two weeks or longer. Please call after 10am or at a quieter time such as the afternoon. Test results will only be released to the patient, unless we have their consent to release the results to someone else.

While it’s the patient’s responsibility to call to check test results, if we need to speak to you urgently we’ll make every effort to get in contact with you to discuss them.

Sometimes the GP might review your results and feel we need to speak to you about them, but not urgently. In these cases, we’ll call you or send a text to let you know. If this is the case, we’d always make clear in the text that it isn’t urgent. Please make sure we have your up-to-date phone and/or mobile number on record, so we can do this.

Tests ordered in hospital

If you had tests ordered by another clinician outside of the Practice – for example at the hospital – then please contact them direct to ask about the results. Please don’t contact the Practice. We may receive results from hospitals, but sometimes only get copies of them if the hospital is asking us to do something, for example change your medication.

Copies of test results

If you need a copy of your test results, please contact us by phone or email to let us know.