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Vaccinations are no longer given in General Practices. Having the right vaccines is an important part of staying healthy and we recommend that you make sure you’re up to date with all the correct vaccines.

Check the NHS Lothian website for all queries related to vaccines. You can also:

– call the NHS Lothian vaccination helpline on 0300 790 6296

– email any vaccine queries to [email protected]

– For children aged 6-18 years please email [email protected]

Flu and Covid vaccines

All flu and Covid vaccines are given by NHS Lothian, and any invitation letters will come from them. Please contact NHS Lothian as above, if you have any queries at all relating to flu or Covid vaccination. This helps us keep our busy phoneline as free as possible for people with urgent health concerns.

Travel vaccines

All travel vaccinations will now be provided by NHS Lothian. You can check what travel vaccinations you need and book an appointment here:

NHS Lothian travel vaccinations >>

Baby and child immunisations

These are done by the Child Immunisation Team who are also based in the Musselburgh Primary Care Centre. They’ll get in touch with you direct, ahead of any immunisations which are needed.

All other immunisations

All other immunisations will be offered via local health & social care partnerships (including Covid and flu). Some students may be offered the Hepatitis B or Meningitis C vaccine, via the occupational health team at their university or college. If you’re pregnant, your midwife team will offer any appropriate vaccines to you.

Your vaccination history/status

We can print copies of your vaccination record, for you to collect at Reception. Please email us at [email protected] or call us to request a copy.

Please help us to keep our busy phoneline free for people with urgent health concerns: our team unfortunately can’t help with queries about vaccinations.