Same day appointment requests

If you are phoning for a same day appointment, your call will be passed to NHS 24.

All calls that are sent to NHS 24 will be safely prioritised by the organisation’s healthcare team who will then offer you the most appropriate method of care. Importantly, those who require to see a GP will still do so, but for some, their needs may be best met by seeing another health professional. Patients with minor ailments or medicine queries could be directed to their community pharmacist. And where appropriate, others may be signposted to self-help information such as that on NHS inform.

For some patients, we know this would not be effective and for these groups we will continue to provide access to the Practice team. The initial call handling by our staff will ensure that we correctly identify those calls that NHS 24 are best placed to deal with.

For further information on what this may mean to you, please have a look at the Questions and Answer document we have prepared.

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