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Our policy on abusive patients

We are increasingly concerned about high levels of abuse of our staff team.

Individual members of our team are being subjected to targeted abuse and harassment on social media, and on occasion out in the local community when they’re not at work. We do often see this peak around election times, and it is of particular concern at the moment.

One of the impacts of this is that we have – with great sadness – chosen to take down the photographs and names of our team from our website, to protect our staff.

Our dedicated staff choose to work at Riverside and to provide care to people in Musselburgh.

There is a national GP recruitment crisis and in this environment we consider it an achievement to have a strong team of 21 GPs working here to provide care to our patients – alongside equally dedicated specialist nurses, a specialist paramedic, phlebotomists, Receptionists and administrators.

It’s crucial that our entire team feels respected, safe and free from this entirely unacceptable harassment, so they can continue to provide high quality care to patients.

We hope and assume that the small number of individuals carrying out this harassment and abuse aren’t aware of the effect that their comments have on staff wellbeing, team morale and – ultimately – our ability to recruit and retain staff, the people who provide high quality care to them.

We will take action against patients who we feel violate our abusive patients policy.

We know that the vast majority of our patients would feel equally horrified at our team being treated in this way, and we thank those patients for their ongoing support.