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Urgent care & minor injuries

Call NHS 24 on 111

  • if it’s outside Practice opening hours (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm) and you have a health concern you think needs immediate attention
  • any time of the day if you think you may need to go to A&E – the 111 and Lothian Flow Centre teams will assess you and book you into A& E if needed: for life-threatening emergencies continue to attend A&E immediately or call 999
  • any time of the day if you have a minor injury – the 111 and Lothian Flow Centre teams will assess you and book you an appointment at A&E or a Minor Injury Unit if needed

What are minor injuries?

  • injuries that happened in the last 5 days – unless to the chest, abdomen or back or caused by a dangerous situation – for example a road accident over 40mph or falling from more than your own height
  • something stuck (a foreign body) in your nose or ear
  • wounds less than 24 hours old where bleeding is controlled, with or without a foreign body
  • crush injuries to fingers or toes with no wound
  • ring removal from fingers or toes
  • minor burns or scalds – unless it’s to the neck, face and genitals, or a chemical or circumferential burn (where a full thickness burn affects the entire circumference of a digit, extremity, or even the torso)
  • head and face injuries – unless there’s a loss of consciousness, vomiting, disturbed vision or altered behaviour
  • eye injuries – unless there’s visual disturbance or penetrating injury
  • limb injuries (below shoulder or below knee)
  • animal bites, including insect bites & stings – unless there’s swelling in the place other than where the bite is, or if there’s an allergic reaction
  • patients with a fracture that needs reviewing, after being treated outside NHS Lothian