Violent and abusive patients

We have a zero tolerance policy around violent or abusive patients.

In the Practice
Anyone who verbally abuses a member of staff or another member of the public, uses inappropriate language, displays aggressive or intimidating behaviour, or causes damage to the property will be asked to leave the building immediately.

The police will be called if necessary – and we will press charges.

We reserve the right to remove anyone displaying the above behaviour from our patient list within 7 days or give a final written warning, as we decide necessary.

Abuse over the phone and online
Abuse of individual staff members over the phone or online – including on social media – will also not be tolerated.

If abuse occurs online or over the phone we may give a final written warning or remove patients from our list within 7 days, as we feel necessary. This includes in online spaces which aren’t run by the Practice.

We may also ask patients to leave the Practice who are persisting misusing the system, or who we feel we can no longer manage clinically.

Abusive of our staff isn’t right.
We won’t tolerate it.