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Update to prescription ordering process

From Wednesday 9 June could all patients please order their prescriptions online via our website or by contacting your local pharmacy, rather than by calling the Practice.

We’re returning to this system, which was in place before Covid, to free up our phone line as much as possible for patients needing to speak to us about urgent health concerns.

You can order both repeat prescriptions and acute medications (sometimes known as special request medications) via our website or via your pharmacy.

Prescription status checks
Repeat prescriptions take 5 working days and acute medication requests take 10 working days: please make sure you order in good time. Please help us to manage our phoneline, by only ringing the Practice to check the status of your prescription if you haven’t received it within these timeframes.

If you order both repeat prescriptions and acute medications at the same time, we’ll send your repeats to the pharmacy first, so you can get these medications as soon as possible. Acutes will be sent on after.

If you aren’t sure if your medication is a repeat prescription or an ‘acute’ then please check with your pharmacy, along with how often your repeat prescriptions need re-authorising with a GP. If they need re-authorising, these will also take 10 working days.

If you don’t currently have a preferred pharmacy noted on your record please consider letting us know this, so we can send your prescription there direct, without you needing to come to collect it in the Practice.

Thank you all in advance for your support as we revert to our old system, which we hope will contribute to some reduction in phone waiting times.