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Waiting times for referrals to hospital

There are long waits for routine appointments with many hospital teams currently, after we refer you. This is unfortunately outside of our control.

To get a sense of how long you might wait for a routine or urgent hospital appointment after we refer you, you can take a look at this information which NHS Lothian make available.

The waiting times listed are an estimate only – if you’ve been waiting longer than the estimated time and want to check your status on the waiting list please call the relevant team at NHS Lothian, not the Practice.

The Practice can only ask hospital teams to expedite your referral if you have new related symptoms, or if your symptoms have worsened – a GP or other clinician at the Practice would need to assess you again, to determine if this is the case and to gather new information for any expedited referral.

If this is the case for you, please call us on 0300 790 6266 from 8am Monday to Friday to book an appointment.

The hospital team will re-triage the referral, but may not always expedite it.

We hope this information is helpful for patients.